By supporting the NSPCC, you can give a child the safety they desperately need.

What does safety look like to a child? What does it sound like? Warm milk.? A hug. A lullaby. A special blanket. Feeling loved. A number you can always call. A kind, understanding voice at the end of the line.

The knowledge that the bad things can be stopped. Kind people that will help you stop them. Caring grown-ups who will help make things better. Knowing that it’s not your fault. Knowing that it won’t happen again. Feeling safe again.

You can give that safety to a child who desperately needs it.

Over a million children in the UK are suffering abuse as we speak. They feel hopelessly scared and alone, and what they need more than anything is for us to make them feel safe again.


We’re here to listen, help, and take immediate steps to protect any child in danger of abuse. With your help, children can escape and recover from abuse, and learn to feel safe once more.

Our prevention work with families, schools and the general public means we can reach more children and keep them safe from abuse.

Our national helplines ensure people can tell us about abuse and we can take immediate steps to protect children.

Our local centres and counselling services help abused children feel safe again.

By supporting NSPCC you are helping us to provide an abused child with the safety they so desperately need.